The Voice Magazine

Teachers:  – Mr. Sergio Morana
                        – Ms. Jeannine Sammut
                        – Ms. Sarah Farrugia
                        – Ms. Caroline Portelli

Day of meeting:  as needed

Why have a school magazine?

The production of a school magazine is a great way to bring out different talents in students.  Talents and abilities include writing skills, editing skills, artistic skills, photography skills, reporting skills, and many more.  Articles found on The Voice are varied, ranging from interviews, surveys carried out by the students and articles of interest to the students. Students are proud when they see their names published in the magazine, and this helps increase their self-esteem.  Moreover, to be part of such a dynamic group helps students to become more self-confident and to be more flexible when working with others in a group.  It also helps them to develop their self-identity, as well as enhancing their sense of belonging to the school.