Reading club for the Primary

Teacher: – Ms. Louise De Gabriele 

What is the Book Club? And, what is the aim behind it?

Literacy is very important.  It is a priority of our school that our students are good and fluent readers.  It is of the utmost importance for us that our students enjoy reading, while gaining all the benefits reading brings along.

Through the Book Club, the students are encouraged to read, while having fun.  In fact, the Book Club provides an enjoyable and easy way for young children to develop many literacy skills.  Different activities are organised to help the children develop such skills, in both Maltese and English.  Another aim of the Book Club is to foster, among our students, a lifelong appreciation of books and reading.

Our Reading Club is held once a week, after school.  Usually, the club meets 8 times per term.  Each session lasts one hour.  During these sessions, a book is read, followed by a discussion of the story.  Through the discussion, the girls become familiar with new words and expressions, thus improving and enriching their overall vocabulary.  Activities related to the story read are held during each session.  Such activities include sequence of the story, spelling games, rhyming words games, experiments, acting and crafts.