Teachers:      – Mr. Sergio Morana              
– Ms. Mariosa Caurana                        

Days of meeting:  Monday and Friday

This group is dedicated to an ongoing campaign in favour of a litter less environment.  The school aims at instilling values of respect and altruism not only to promote healthy and respectful relationships, but also to promote conservation and protection of the environment.  If we take care of what surrounds us, we are respecting our natural heritage and are conserving it for future generations.  One way through which this can be achieved is by becoming aware of the consequences of the litter we produce and by becoming proactive to find practical ways how we can contribute to decrease waste.

This is done with due consideration of what happens both locally and internationally to conserve and protect the environment and wildlife.  The school constantly urges students to reuse, reduce and recycle to decrease the amount of litter we produce. 

Over the years, the school has worked on a number of projects, including the provision of stainless-steel straws to the primary students, to eliminate completely the use of plastic straws on the premises.  In all school-organised activities, both for the students and staff, students and staff are encouraged to bring along reusable cutlery and cups.  Students who are part of this group, have produced an informative video about how textile trash can be reduced.  This video can be accessed through the following link:

In 2018, the group has launched a new campaign ‘Do something drastic, cut the plastic!’. A video to launch this campaign has been done by the group.  This video can be viewed through the following link:

Other projects carried out by the Litter Less group can be viewed through the following links:

This is the plea of our students to raise awareness about climate change.