Health and Safety

Health and Safety should always be a priority in anyone’s life.  More so in a school, whereby a large number of individuals of various ages and coming from all strata of society, live together as one community for a number of hours a day. 

It is my duty to ensure that at Our Lady Immaculate School, health and safety is given its due importance.  A number of issues are tackled and action is taken when possible.  The school prides itself of a Health and Safety teacher.  Risk assessments, drills, talks, and internal evaluation studies are carried out regularly.  Attention to health and safety is given not only because it is legislation, but most importantly because at school we have a social obligation and responsibility towards all the members of the school community, students, parents and teachers alike.  This web-site, another initiative taken by the Health and Safety teacher, is a tool where one can find advice, information and resources in relation to safety to all practitioners, parents, teachers, other professionals and even students.  In this way, the school is sharing with anyone who accesses this web-site, a tool full of important resources which we feel would assist a safer and healthier life.

Thank you.

Audrey Galea

Head of School

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