Offered by: Chun Gymnastics

Chun Gymnastics offers Our Lady Immaculate School students a great opportunity to explore the exciting world of gymnastics. For younger children, the programme emphasises on motor skills that are very useful for their future Physical and Fitness development. Mini-trampoline may also be introduced to make learning more fun and easier to achieve advanced skills.

Why is gymnastics important for kids?

  • Gymnastics has many physical benefits, including increased strength, agility, flexibility and endurance.
  • Helps children’s development in becoming fit, healthy and active.  It increases their coordination, balance, stamina, power and core stability.
  • Participation in gymnastics affects positively children’s self-esteem, by improving their overall confidence.
  • A positive personality is enhanced through interaction with other kids, and through the various activities held.

The Chun Gymnastics program held at Our Lady Immaculate School is run by a qualified coaching team with MGF Gymnastics coaching certificate and is constantly updating its technical knowledge by Mr. Albert Chun (International Coaching Diploma in Artistic Gymnastics) who has over 30 years of coaching experiences in Malta, Hong Kong, China & USA and who is also the visiting lecturer of B(Educ) PE-gymnastics at the University of Malta.

These sessions in gymnastics are held on a weekly basis in the school gym.