Extra Curricular Activities

At Our Lady Immaculate School (OLIS), we believe that the emotional, social and psychological development of our students is equally important to the academic aspect of education.  We value our students’ well-being, and constantly work hard to provide opportunities to help them develop to their full potential, in all aspects of life.  Besides the provision of a strong academic education, the school provides activities where the students can develop their non-academic talents and skills.  In fact, the school boasts a number of groups that cater for the various interests of the students.  These groups, while being co-ordinated by our dedicated staff, leave enough space for the students to take up roles of responsibility.  With the invaluable input and experience of our staff, students are guided and mentored in the acquisition and development of collaborative skills, leadership skills and self-development skills.  This empowers them to become more autonomous and fulfilled individuals.

The Voice Magazine
EkoSkola Group
Rosary club for Form 2 Students
Student Council