The EkoSkola Group

Teachers in Secondary: – Ms. Kirby Attard  
                                                      – Mr. Sergio Morana 
                                                      – Ms. Mariosa Caruana
                                                      – Ms. Janice Farrugia Hili

Teachers in Primary:       – Ms. Amanda Borg
                                                      – Ms. Petra Attard
                                                      – Ms. Francesca Camilleri

Day of meeting:  Thursday

What is the EkoSkola programme?

The national EkoSkola programme is led by Nature Trust – FEE Malta. It is the main provider of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in Malta. Our Lady Immaculate School has been taking part in the programme since 2010 and is the proud holder of the Green Flag, a symbol of high achievement in environmental education and performance, for these past five years.  

The EkoSkola programme at Our Lady Immaculate School

At OLIS, we aim to keep a high standard in providing ESD throughout the curriculum. Not only do we encourage our students to be conscious about the environment they are living in, but also help them voice their concerns and lead them to suggest and implement changes that go along the EkoSkola tenets. 

The EkoSkola team is made up of 25 students from both the primary and secondary sectors, each girl being a representative of her class.