Teacher: – Ms. Lara Mamo

Classical ballet is one of the after school extracurricular activities held at Our Lady Immaculate School. It is such an important discipline because it promotes physical strength and agility, can boost concentration, develops an understanding of music and rhythm and generates a love of movement. In addition to its physical benefits, ballet can also help to improve students’ mental and emotional health.

How can students benefit from classical ballet?

  • It is the basic foundation for most forms of dance
  • It develops in the students a sense of discipline, commitment and dedication which will help students throughout their adulthood when they enter the world of work.
  • It improves the posture which eventually becomes part of a dancer’s life.
  • It improves balance and flexibility.
  • It helps the students to improve their aural, visual, and kinetic stimulus and encourages different parts of the brain to think and perform the movements in time to the music.
  • It gives elegance and boosts confidence.
  • It keeps the students fit and on the move and motivates the students to live a healthy life.

Students follow the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus under the tutoring of Ms. Lara Mamo, who is a recognized ballet and modern teacher of the Royal Academy of Dance and British Theatre Dance Association. Lessons are held once or twice a week, depending on the age of the child.

Students who attend 75% of the ballet lessons throughout the year will attempt the exam at the end of the year where the students will be examined by a foreign examiner sent by the Royal Academy of Dance. As from this year, the girls have been given the opportunity to perform on stage on different occasions. Summer classes are also held where the students will be exposed to other styles of dance together with stretching and strengthening of the body.

The Tribe – Group Competition Entry
Reaching Out – Solo

Quinn & Martina duet